As For Me and My House

YEA Networks announces a deal to bring “As For Me And My House” into the family of YEA Podcasts. The agreement includes distribution, production, marketing and sales for one of the top Christian podcasts in the U.S.

Launched in March of 2019, “As For Me And My House,” features husband and wife duo Jordan and Milena Ciciotti, and has frequently been one of the most downloaded shows in the Religion category on Apple Podcasts.

YEA Networks President, Shawn Nunn said, “We have big plans for Jordan and Milena and are excited they chose to grow with YEA Podcasts. Their success is already phenomenal and we feel the sky is the limit with AFM+MH.”

About the decision to join YEA Networks, Jordan said, “After experiences with other networks that left us disappointed and underwhelmed, the YEA team has been a big breath of fresh air. We were welcomed from the very first conversation, and treated like family immediately.”

AFM+MH takes listeners on a raw and unfiltered journey through their lives as followers of Jesus and parents of two. Whether sharing truth and Biblical wisdom, giving relationship advice, or telling funny stories of their dogs, Samson and Delilah, Jordan and Milena seek to exist as a platform for encouragement, love, and support for all who listen.

Jordan added, “We see ‘As For Me And My House’ podcast as an extension of Milena’s already established social media presence, but a place where we can discuss topics at length that warrant deeper conversation and further pondering.”

Speaking about the platform of podcasting, Milena said, “I think a lot of people (especially young adults) feel they can connect to a 40-minute-long conversation with a couple whom they’ve never met, simply by discussing daily life and real experiences or struggles we all face. There’s a refreshing, organic nature to podcasting; and we, as consumers of podcasts ourselves, appreciate long-form, unscripted dialogue that isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and transparent.”

“As For Me And My House” is available now, everywhere podcasts are available. New episodes are released every other Friday.

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