Ron Hope Unfiltered PodCast

Ron and Hope Carpenter, Founders and Pastors of Redemption Church, are set to launch their first podcast with YEA Networks, this Thursday, January 6th.

“Ron and Hope: Unfiltered” is a weekly podcast that will share important life stories, with a focus on helping listeners understand how to tackle problems with bible-based answers. Available on all major podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify, the show will also come as a video podcast on YouTube and Facebook.

“Hope and I will share our struggles, mistakes and victories and hopefully encourage our listeners to keep fighting the good fight of faith and smile more than they cry,” said Ron Carpenter.

“Life can throw you curveballs but it can also bring you joy. The key is knowing how to navigate through the ups and downs and come out better on the other side,” said Hope Carpenter.

Shawn Nunn, President of YEA Networks added, “Ron and Hope’s reach is enormous and we’re excited to partner with them on this new venture. Podcasting will make their message even more accessible to the world.”

“Ron and Hope: Unfiltered” is the third major Christian-based podcast for the Dallas-based YEA Networks, joining the chart-topping, “As for Me and My House” and “Life with the Lindseys.”

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