The ink is dry and YEA Networks is proud to say that The Greg Beharrell Show is coming to Portland, OR on Alpha Media’s legendary AAA 101.9 KINK. The nationally-syndicated show will debut on March 6th and be heard weeknights from 8pm to 1am.

Ken Benson, Content Director at KINK said, “We first met Greg when he was doing afternoons at CFOX in Vancouver. He is one of the most unique and funniest personalities on radio. We’re focused on making KINK a lean-in experience, and Greg is the perfect guy to reinvigorate KINK Portland nights with his one-of-a-kind personality.”

“When I heard that I am going to be working with the brilliance of Ken Benson and Max Dugan on the magnificent KINK in Portland, I knew that we have to start this off the right way: by issuing a self-written press release, penned in the third person which implies outside media coverage,” said Beharrell.

The Greg Beharrell Show, hosted by Greg Beharrell, produced by Greg Beharrell, with voiceover by Greg Beharrell, and trash collection by Greg Beharrell, can be syndicated by connecting with Scott Kerr, Director of Affiliates Sales at