Greg Egg

YEA NETWORKS syndicated THE GREG BEHARRELL SHOW has landed in several additional markets, with most adding the show to their evening lineup. WWUZ/ALPHA MEDIA Fredericksburg, VA, WJXQ/MIDWEST COMMUNICATIONS Lansing, MI, KZIA/KZIA INC. Cedar Rapids, IA, KZFX/KZFX LLC. Ridgecrest, CA, KMKO/ALPHA MEDIA Mankato, MN, KFZX/ICA RADIO LTD. Odessa, TX. 

When asked for comment, MIDWEST COMMUNICATIONS/LANSING PD TERRY STEVENS said, “we added the show after choosing dare instead of truth, but we’re very excited to have him join the team, welcome Gregby Harold [sic]!”

TGBS host GREG BEHARRELL said, “the excitement I’m feeling is immeasurable, due to the subjective nature of emotions!”

If you would like TGBS on your station, contact YEA NETWORKS Director/Affiliate Sales SCOTT KERR (, if you would not like TGBS on your station, no further action is required on your part.