Kidd Kraddick 20 Years

This month marks 20 years of syndication for YEA Networks’ “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.” In Summer 2001, after dominating the Dallas-Fort Worth market for years, the late Kidd Kraddick signed with Premiere Networks to syndicate his morning show across the US. The CHR-targeted show debuted in syndication with co-hosts, Kellie Rasberry and Big Al Mack, who are still part of the current cast, which now includes J-Si Chavez, Ana Castillejos and Part-Time Justin.

Today, the show is self-syndicated by the company Kraddick created, YEA Networks, distributed by Westwood One, and is on in nearly 70 markets.

Kellie Rasberry said, “I always admired Kidd’s ability to predict what was going to be the next big thing. Twenty years ago, he had a gut feeling that syndication was where radio was headed. Because I trusted Kidd’s instincts more than my own, I jumped right in with him. His vision for what the show could be was bigger than anything I had ever imagined, and I’m so glad he lived long enough to see that he was right! We miss Kidd every single day, but it’s when we hit huge milestones like this that it stings a little more.”

In a testament to the show’s staying power, the first four original markets (Baton Rouge, LA, Tyler, TX, Lubbock, TX and Savannah, GA) still carry the show and continue to thrive thanks to the stability of the hosts and power of the brand.

Bob Murphy, Area Senior VP Programming at iHeartRadio said, “Seems like just yesterday that we signed to become the first affiliate of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show back in Summer 2001. Two decades later the Kraddick show is still a key part of waking up Baton Rouge and we are proud of our many years of success together. “

The show plans celebrations in many of their original markets this Fall.

Despite celebrating 20 years, it’s not too late to add The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show to your station. Contact Scott Kerr at YEA Networks at 843-270-2836 or